The vineyard grows great Fiano, Pinot, Rosé, Traminer, Merlot and a little Shiraz. Our Wines are made from 100% estate grown fruit, nurtured using sustainable farming practices. You will only find these wines here at the Red Barn Cellar Door.  Come find us!

The Signature Fiano Gift Pack

The Signature Fiano Gift Pack

Mix of Whites

Introducing the 'Signature Fiano Gift Pack' a curated selection of exceptional Greenway Wines designed especially for the Fiano wine passionate.

$219 each


This Gift Pack offers you a selection of exceptional Fianos that reflect the essence of our vineyard at Greenway. Fiano has long been our signature wine and the vineyard, the destination of lovers of Fiano whenever they visit the Hunter Valley.

Included in the 'Signature Fiano Gift Pack': 2 x bottles of 2021 'favoloso' Fiano ($30 each) 1 x bottle of 2023 'favoloso' Fiano ($30 each) 1 x bottle of 2022 'grace' Fiano/Gewurz Traminer ($26 each) 1 x bottle of 2021 'bubbles' Fiano ($35 each) 1 x bottle of 2016 'compania' Methode Traditionale Fiano ($68 each)

Total Price for the Gift Pack: $219.00

At Greenway we have become enthusiasts in all things Fiano so it is apt to share a little about the magic that is the Fiano grape.
Fiano…… (pronounced Fe – ar - no) is a white Italian wine grape variety was grown primarily in the Campania region of southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. It has a long history and is believed to have been the grape behind the ancient Roman wine ‘Apianum’.
We chose this grape to grow in our vineyard quite simply as it promised to display both chardonnay and sauvignon blanc characteristics - two of Australia's most popular white grape varietals. Given that it is too hot to grow Sauvignon Blanc in the Hunter Valley, and there is an abundance of Chardonnay already and we are fortunate also to have the perfect microclimate for Fiano in our vineyard at Greenway Wines. So, we chose the road less travelled and…over time have developed a reputation for growing sensational Fiano wines. Quite simply it is why we called our still Fiano's 'favoloso' as its italian for 'fabulous'.

Our 2023 'favoloso' is a classic young Fiano that displays bright pear and granny smith and sea spray aromas. It is vibrant, racy and mouth watering with a lovely savoury texture and deep core of white fruit. And its lemony acidity provides excellent balance and drive. This is the perfect accompaniment for all things seafood.

Our 2021 'favoloso' is a wonderful example of an elegant aging fiano - it is complex and contextual, demonstrating both honey and pear chardonay-esque characters - this is the most regal of white wines.

Continuing to carve our place here in the Hunter Valley our 2022 'Grace' is a field blend of both Fiano and Gewurz Traminer. Taking the best of what the Greenway Vineyard has to offer and creating an original wine blend that you won't find anywhere else. Inhale the delightful aromas of rose petal and Turkish Delight, intermingled with the citrus aromas of Fiano. This sparkles through to an intense but deliciously dry fruit filled palate that awakens all the senses. Perhaps too you will discover a wonderful old-fashioned aftertaste of butterscotch and barley sugar! This wine creation is simply perfect for enjoying poolside on any warm weather occasion.

Fiano shines as a sparkling wine also and we have two wonderful examples within this Signature Fiano Gift Pack:

Our 2021 'bubbles' Fiano is a sparkling masterpiece. As one of the first - we are suspicious still the only example of a sparkling Fiano from the Hunter Valley. You will find this wine to have both a fresh and lively bouquet displaying beautiful notes of orange peel, passionfruit, pineapple and grapefruit. On the palate you'll find lemon and minerally characters set in an off-dry scenario that sherbets your taste-buds. Its light and refreshing and perfect for summer.

Celebrating the elegance and finesse of our estate grown 2016 'campania' Fiano methode traditionale. This wine is delicate with notes of citrus and lemon rind. The creamy mid palate shows the results of 7 years of yeast ageing in the bottle with a fine bead and persistent moose tapering to a lingering finish. 'Campania' is both Latin for 'champagne' and the Italian region from which the grape Fiano heralds, so it seemed the fitting title for this most elegant of our Fiano offerings. This is pure celebration in a bottle.

Fiano is the perfect match for a seafood driven menu, further enforcing its perfection as an Australian wine success story.

Experience the diversity of the Fianos from our vineyard at Greenway Wines and share this gift of exceptional wine with the 'Fiano Signature Gift Pack'

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Mix of Whites

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