The vineyard grows great Fiano, Pinot, Rosé, Traminer, Merlot and a little Shiraz. Our Wines are made from 100% estate grown fruit, nurtured using sustainable farming practices. You will only find these wines here at the Red Barn Cellar Door.  Come find us!

The Merry Merlot Gift Pack

The Merry Merlot Gift Pack

Mix of Reds

Introducing the 'Merry Merlot' Gift Pack' a selection of exceptional Greenway Wines designed especially with 'merriment' in mind.

$210 each


Introducing the 'Merry Merlot Gift Pack' from Greenway Wines, a careful curation of our merlot offerings that will take you to both the party and the boardroom. Within this Gift Pack is a sample of the two ends of our Merlot spectrum.

Included in the 'Merry Merlot Gift Pack': 3 x bottles of 2023 'momento' Merlot ($35 each) 3 x bottles of 2022 'bubbles' Merlot ($35 each)

Total Price for the Gift Pack: $210.00

Our 2022 'bubbles' Merlot is without doubt a surprise, cranberry in colour, it has a nose of stunning turkish delight hues, and amazing Cranberry flavours on the palate, with a 'just a touch' of aniseed to finish. It is both light and delightful, and definitely the life of the party as a sparkling Merlot like no other you will have tasted before. It is a testament to the unique character of the Greenway Wines vineyard, and one of the most popular wines at the cellar door.

Beautifully contrasted with our latest release 2023 'momento' Merlot. Crafted for sharing and inspired conversations. This Greenway 'momento' Merlot captures the moment where flavour ignites the palate and the senses. A beautifully rich palate of smooth, red and blackberry fruits, combined with savoury spice characters and lengthy supple tannins.

This 'Merry Merlot Gift Pack' has been collated with a cheeky sense of humour to showcase the broad spectrum and flexibility of our beloved Merlot fruit. Experience the richness and diversity of Greenway's Merlot with the 'Merry Merlot Gift Pack.

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Mix of Reds

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