The vineyard grows great Fiano, Pinot, Rosé, Traminer, Merlot and a little Shiraz. Our Wines are made from 100% estate grown fruit, nurtured using sustainable farming practices. You will only find these wines here at the Red Barn Cellar Door.  Come find us!

Sparkling Wine Stopper

Sparkling Wine Stopper

Life's pretty dull without bubbles - right! Well not any more, keeping your precious bubbles in tact, one bottle at a time!

$30 each


Seriously... the world's best Champagne Stopper! Keep the bubbles sealed in the bottle as you enjoy a glass over the evening. And never waste an unfinished bottle of sparkling wine or champagne again. The patented Block WAF System, with a valve that ingeniously uses the pressure in the bottle to self-tighten the seal. Held in place by a chrome-plated, high carbon steel fixing clip

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