2016 Blush Rosè

2016 Blush Rosè

2016 Rosé
Broke Fordwich, NSW

Refreshing dry Rose' with a guava nose

From $20 per bottle

Wine Details

Broke Fordwich
Red Wine
Tasting Notes
What would you get if you crossed a tangelo, strawberries, a grapevine and a pomegranate. And then made a rose' wine with the fruit??.. a tangy berry great poem with alcohol?? No, you'd have a Greenway Blush ... A fantasy maybe, but this is where this wine seems to come from. ...A wondrous mix of exotic and more home-grown fruity flavours, zapped into life with Tahitian lime acidity, finishing with the merest hint of butterscotch. Refreshing in its dryness and revitalising in its uplifting length.
Food Matches
This is the required tonic on a summer's afternoon served icy with sushi or sashimi, pork crackles or crisps, or as an accompaniment to a light sea breeze...

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